May Quiz


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1              How much does a ‘stitch in time’ save?  9

2              How many pennies are there in an old style English pound?          240

3              In which Scottish lake is a monster said to live?   Loch Ness

4              How many people would normally make up a jury in England and Wales?               12

5              What nationality was the composer Frederick Chopin?    Polish

6              What were commuters urged to go to work on in the 1960’s?       An egg

7              What is the RAF’s famous aerobatic display team called?                The Red Arrows

8              Which English city is familiarly known as ‘Brum’?               Birmingham

9              What is the plural of ‘dwarf’?     Dwarfs

10           If you had ‘tinnitus’ what would you be suffering from?  A ringing in the ears

11           What is the world’s best selling perfume?             Chanel No.5

12           Scorpions are immune to their own poison. True or False?             False

13           In a hit song of 1939, where was the washing going to be hung out?         On the Seigfried line

14           What colour is a Harrods carrier bag?      Green

15           Which of Henry VIII’s wives was mother of Queen Elizabeth 1?     Anne Boleyn

16           Where in London did ‘The Wombles’ live?             Wimbledon

17           What sport are Olga Korbut and Nadia Comaneci famous?            Gymnastics

18           Dietary deficiency of vitamin C gives rise to which disease?           Scurvy

19           What is the newspaper of the Salvation Army called?       The War Cry

20           What was the name of the frog who appeared in ‘The Muppet Show’?    Kermit