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Dear Mr. Examiner read by Maeve Montgomery

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Dear Mr. Examiner read by Maeve Montgomery

Thank you so much for your questions
I’ve read them most carefully through
But there isn’t a single one of them
That I know the answer to.
I’ve written my name as instructed
Put the year, the month and the day
But after I’d finished doing that
I had nothing further to say.

So I thought I’d write you a letter
Fairly informally
About what I can see from my desk here
And what it’s like to be me.
Mandy has written ten pages
But it’s probably frightful guff
And Angela Smith is copying
The answers off her cuff!
Miss Quinlan is marking our homework
The clock keeps ticking away
I suppose for anyone outside
It’s just another day.

There’ll be mothers going on errands
Grandmothers sipping tea
Unemployed men doing crosswords
or watching ‘Crown Court’ on TV.

The rain has finally stopped here
The sun has started to shine
And in a back garden in Sutton Drive
A housewife hangs shirts on a line.

A class flies past to play tennis
The cathedral clock has just pealed
A lawnmower chugs backwards and forwards
Up on the hockey field.

Miss Quinlan’s just read what I’ve written
Her face is an absolute mask
Before she collects the papers in
I’ve a sort of favours to ask.

I thought your questions were lovely
I’ve only myself to blame
But couldn’t you give me some marks
For writing the date and my name?