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Clancy’s Wooden Wedding read by Jack Montgomery

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Clancy’s Wooden Wedding read by Jack Montgomery

Five years ago last Sunday night when Clancy took a wife
’twas Little Bridget Haley who would stick to him for life
and he gave a wooden wedding the event to celebrate
and he sent out invitations to his friends both small and great.

Now everyone was supposed to bring a present made of wood
some of the things they brought were bad and some were very good
but everyone who came they did the very best they could
when Clancy had a weddin’ made of wood.

There was all kinds of wood brought to the house that night
hard wood, soft wood and kindling wood delight
there was wood and wooden shavings enough to fill a bed
’twas brought to Clancy’s house when he was five years wed.

Now the first one to get there was Tim O’Hoolihan,
he brought for a present a Japanese fan
then came Maloney just as neat as a pin
he brought a cradle for to rock the baby in.

O’Brien brought a sawhorse handsomely engraved
O’Toole brought a cord of wood for which he didn’t pay.Murphy brought the clothespins and Ryan brought a broom
and it looked as though a lumberyard exploded in the room

Wood that came from China, wood that came from Spain
wood from Jerusalem across the ragin’ main
wood that came from Russia sent by the Csar
wood that came from Ireland enought to build a car
wood that came from England, wood that came from Wales
wood that came from Scotland, wood that came from jails
they passed around the whiskey and they passed around the ale
and if the glasses wasn’t big enough they used a wooden pail