Cheer’ Conaill- By: Gerry McGill and Frank Galligan


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Wrap a melody around me,

Ease these words into a song,

Lift them high like Bluestack Mountains,

Help the winds to sing along.

Make it blue like Portnoo waters,

Make it shine like Narin sun,

Make it laugh like Ardara voices,

Make a chorus when you’re done.


Rock n’roll in old Tir Conaill,

Keep her country in the glens,

Keep it sweet like granny’s rhubarb jam,

Let it ring like old church bells.

Wrap a melody around me,

Like a freshly woven tweed,

Let it soar like Glenveagh eagles,

Let it spark and let it seed.

Make it hum along the Owenea,

Make it strum in Glengesh deep,

Make it chant like Iniskeel ghosts,

Make it bleat like lonely sheep.