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Air Force Blue by Anne McDonald (for Eamon Faulkner, in memoriam)

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Air Force Blue
(for Eamon Faulkner, in memoriam)

Air Force Blue
(for Eamon Faulkner, in memoriam)
It’s a rare and special gift to stay forever proud
of who you are and where it is you came from.
To live all your days near familiar roads and fields,
to know the branch of every tree
and the notes of every birdsong.

To embrace the new and yet hold dear
the memories of those you loved and knew,
who walked those same familiar roads before you.
To recall the ways that things were done
when you were young,
and to pass these stories down,
each one a special treasure,
one by one.

It’s a rare and special man
who stays forever proud
of how his family grew,
we always knew how much you cherished
people close around you.
And it’s not many men can
cut a dash in “Air force Blue.”

It’s a rare and special life
that’s lived to the last, full and true.
And although your time with us is passed,
your legacy will live
as a man who had much to share
and much to give;
for that we say,
Cead Mile Buiochas.

Now I recognize the birdsong
and the branch of every tree.
Rest easy now, a legend to us
you will always be.